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Raviraaj Tharumaratnam

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8. December, 1995
Bern, Switzerland


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Ravi Tharuma is an internet marketer and the CEO  of Creative Toaster, an online marketing agency servicing clients across Switzerland. He reaches people around the globe through the internet and travels the world to connect with other entrepreneurs & influencers.

Ravi rose to prominence as a fitness model in 2014, shortly after building a local luxurious brand in the sports & fashion industry by helping his former buisness partner to grow his audience from 0 to 35K followers through social media marketing within one year.

He is also a venture capitalist and an early investor in blockchain technology such as Bitcoin.

Ravi recently launched his new product, PrivacyKit.

In addition to running Creative Toaster & Privacy Kit, Ravi also is a co-founder of the new forming brand Tribe.

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